Italian kitchen and bar Chilliwack

Are you looking for an Italian kitchen and bar in Chilliwack that is rich in culture, has authentic meals, a great ambiance, and a rich history? At Pallioti’s Italian Restaurants, you get all the above and so much more!

Where to find a great Italian restaurant

A great location is very important. It influences not just how accessible we are but also the style of the dining area. We have chosen a great location for our new Italian restaurant in Chilliwack, to make it accessible to a lot of people. 

Find us easily and conveniently in Downtown Chilliwack, at 45850 Yale Rd, Chilliwack, BC V2P 2M8. You don’t even have to ask for directions; we’re so well placed in Downtown Chilliwack you can spot us from a mile away! Parking? No worries, there’s plenty of parking available, and you don’t have to pay for it!

Italian food with style

Italian food is more than merely a business for us; it is the glue that binds us together as a family. As an Italian family that strongly believes in family bonds and bringing the family together, our love for food and passion inspired us to create a place where you can come eat, drink and enjoy the family experience. We invite you today to join our family and be a part of the rich history that it fine traditional Italian dining.

Mom and dad have been in the restaurant business since the sixties and opened our flagship restaurant in 2005. I (Joe) and my cousin (John) got into it, starting with dishwashing at thirteen, and now our kids are coming up and getting into it. With us, you get a family-centered Italian restaurant where you can enjoy a friendly environment and servers that treat you as one of the family!

A great Italian menu

We are an Italian kitchen and bar in Chilliwack, and, with us, it’s all about quality and authenticity. We don't just serve any Italian food but traditional Italian cuisine! With us, you get authentic meals that stay true to the culture and history of Italian cuisine. We have a great Italian menu in Chilliwack for you featuring some of the most iconic Italian meals.  

Our menu features:

  • Appetizers – Mozzarella, Cajun/Calamari, Zucchini Ribbons, Clams/Mussels, Bruschetta Crostini
  • Paliotti Pasta – Chicken and Shrimp Tortellini, Tortellini Rossi, Prima Vera, Spaghettini meatball, Seafood penne, Curry vegetables, Prawns and Portabella Ravioli
  • Combos – Calamari and Salad, Pasta and Salad
  • More than Lunch – Lasagna, Salmon, and Rice
  • Sandwiches, Soups and Salads, Pizzettas, Kids menu, and so much more!

Can I have fantastic traditional Italian meals on the go?

We have the perfect pick up service for the hungry crowd on the go. We maintain high standards both in-house and for on the go lovers like yourself.  After placing your order, we will pack it up and get it ready to go before you get here. We’ll even help you load it up!

Try Pallioti’s Italian Restaurants today and experience the iconic food, service, and care that comes with a great Italian kitchen and bar in Chilliwack!

Italian kitchen and bar Chilliwack
Paliottis Italian Restaurant Italian kitchen and bar Chilliwack
45850 Yale Rd
Chilliwack BC V2P 2M8 CA

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