take out food menu Chilliwack

At Pallioti’s Italian Restaurants, we have a mouth-watering take out food menu in Chilliwack. All our menu items are priced reasonably without compromise on the quality, taste, and freshness of the food we serve.

Italian dinner take out ideas

Italian take out is one of the sweetest little pleasures of life that nobody should miss out on. Nothing spells comfort like devouring a chicken fettuccine alfredo or four-cheese tortellini or a minestrone in the arms of your couch while you tune into Netflix and binge-watch your favorite TV show.

We offer our take out menu items in two serving sizes (small and medium) so that you can choose based on your appetite. Our take out food menu in Chilliwack features an array of delectable pasta, takeout sauces, desserts and pizzas, all under just $30.

Eating Italian food healthy

The general opinion about Italian cuisine is that it's all carbs and cheese, making health-conscious dieters feel dreadful. Italian food can a healthy meal choice provided you be careful with what you eat, where you eat, and in what quantities you eat. At our restaurant, we use traditional recipes to prepare our pasta, bread, sauces, and seasonings. By preparing our ingredients in-house, we serve unprocessed and healthy meals to our patrons.

Furthermore, we use farm-fresh vegetables, meats, and seafood to serve the best-tasting dishes with the highest nutritional value. All the items in our take out food menu in Chilliwack are rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, fibers, and vitamins. This protects your heart's health, stabilizes blood sugar, and reduces levels of bad cholesterol. Our house-made bread and pasta are made out of whole grains to aid in digestion.

The healthiest thing to eat at an Italian restaurant

Italian food goes beyond just pasta, pizza, and tiramisu. The Mediterranean character of the early Italian recipes involves the use of ingredients like citrus, olives, whole grains, herbs, and lots of greens. If it’s your night out and if you plan on dining at an Italian restaurant, there are ways to adopt a healthier diet and still enjoy a hearty Italian meal. 

Order appetizers made out of fresh and low-fat ingredients. Opt for grilled meats, seafood, and pasta tossed with tomato-based sauces instead of cream-based ones. For the appetizer, you can guiltlessly feast on bruschetta and Caprese salad and for the entree, order a chicken cacciatore, grilled calamari or mussels in white wine and devour the whole thing guilt-free. However, try to stay away from deep-fried foods and bread when dining at an Italian restaurant.

How do I order healthy takeout?

We feature a whole range of gluten-free and vegetarian menu options for our health-conscious diners. You can choose gluten-free or whole-grain pasta tossed with a tomato sauce or a Caesar dressing to stay on the healthier side.

We are one of the authentic Italian restaurants with a delectable take out food menu in Chilliwack. Plan your birthdays, parties, and anniversaries at the Pallioti’s Italian Restaurants, and treat your family and friends to a delicious and flavourful Italian meal.

take out food menu Chilliwack
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