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As a vegetarian or vegan, it is difficult to find food at Italian restaurants often. If you are lusting for vegetarian food in Chilliwack, head over to Pallioti’s Italian Restaurants in Chilliwack, Maple Ridge, and Abbotsford. Visit our website to check out our lunch and dinner menus at Pallioti’s.

Why is it tough to find vegetarian Italian food?

If you traveled to Italy or tried to cook Italian food, you would generally have a harder time finding vegetarian-friendly ingredients. Some of the most signature dishes incorporate meat as an essential ingredient. For example, a classic carbonara is not carbonara without the pancetta.

Also, most Italians would scoff at the idea of using ‘vegetarian’ ingredients for such a classic dish! Another traditional dish, like lasagna, also relies on meat as the main ingredient.

Fortunately, it does not mean you can’t find any vegetarian food at all. For example, a lot of appetizers like bruschetta can use vegetarian ingredients, while still being authentic. You can also find pasta arrabbiata, which only uses vegetables.

Classic vegetarian dishes to order at Italian restaurants

As we mentioned, authentic Italian cuisine is not entirely hostile to vegetarians. There are a few native Italian dishes that are also vegetarian. The most famous vegetarian dish is probably Pasta Arrabiata, whose main ingredients are garlic, tomato, and some chili. Another notable Italian American dish is Pasta Prima Vera, which uses loads of vegetables like broccoli and bell peppers.

Spaghetti Aglio is another classic vegetarian dish hailing straight from Italy. It merely uses garlic, olive oil, and some chili for seasoning. Spaghetti al Pomodoro is also a vegetarian-friendly dish from Italy. It uses sun-ripe tomatoes, garlic, and basil.

Vegetarian food for lunch

At our restaurant, you will find several vegetarian dishes like Pasta Prima Vera and bruschetta. We also have vegetarian-friendly Margherita pizzettas. For delicious and fresh vegetarian food in Chilliwack, visit our restaurant in Chilliwack.

In our lunch menu in Chilliwack, we have the vegetarian-friendly breaded mozzarella and bruschetta crostini for an appetizer. Then comes the pasta primavera and curried vegetables pasta for the main course. In addition, you could also order a fresh rocket salad, tossed salad, or a Caesar salad on the side.

Vegetarian food we offer for dinner

Again in our dinner menu, we have the breaded mozzarella and bruschetta crostini as appetizers. You could also order a minestrone that is full of vegetables. For vegetarian-friendly salads, all of our salads are vegetarian. This includes Caesar, Italian, Roman, Tuscan, tossed, and rocket salads. You will find fresh ingredients like tomatoes, feta, olives, arugula, basil, and cucumbers.

Our vegetarian main dishes include the Four Cheese Tortellini, the Portobello Ravioli, Fettucine Al Prima Vera, and Curried Vegetable Tortellini. You can also order the Margherita pizzetta, which is vegetarian. We only use the freshest ingredients for these dishes, with fresh tomato sauce, basil, and fragrant garlic.

Are you fed up with looking for vegetarian food in Chilliwack? Head over to Pallioti’s Italian Restaurants and indulge in our hearty vegetarian meals for lunch or dinner.

vegetarian food Chilliwack
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